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lisa_headshotHaving not grown up in church I was completely un-groomed for the ministry and had a past that rivaled most Bad Girls of the Bible, which is how the self-title The Un-Pastors Wife came to be. I consider it nothing short of a miracle that I have a platform to speak into women’s lives on a regular basis.


familyI have been married and in the ministry for 25 years, and my husband and I currently serve as Senior Pastors of Faith Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After overcoming a paralyzing fear of public speaking combined with mountain-sized insecurity issues rooted from a difficult past, I have been speaking publicly for the past 15 years. I come alive when speaking as I see women move beyond their deep regrets and insecurities, and make a decision to show up for their new life, the one full of God given potential and unlimited possibilities in Christ Jesus. And coffee, I also come alive with coffee.


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