Confessions of a Flibberty Jibbett

I recently had dinner with a woman who has been at the same job since college; Over 30 years and she has held ONE job. As I work to keep my shock and amazement to a respectable level I’m thinking to myself, how did she find her purpose in life so easily? I feel my body begin to shrink down in my chair as I consider the 36+ jobs I’ve held and wonder “what’s wrong with me?”

Why am I such a flibberty jibbett?

What is a flibberty jibbett? It’s the girl who keeps getting caught in the never-ending cycle of the start and stop; the excitement of the beginning vs. the difficulty of the finish.

In short- it’s a girl who quits….

Hello, my name is Lisa Goins and I’m a flibberty jibbett.

Why? Because the following is my life…

Getting up early lost to the comfort of my pillow
Diet & exercise lost to Netflix, the couch and potato chips
Gluten Free lost to a French toast bagel w/ Pumpkin cream cheese

And this was just last week.

The list continues…

Books I start to read but never finish
Boxes of cards I buy but never send
People I think of but never reach out to

And lets not forget how I’ve quit the following activities…

Grocery Shopping
Cooking (because of the lack of groceries)
The Gym (bad choice since we have to eat out all the time)

You get the idea…

As if these things aren’t defeating enough, I’ve recently discovered the most difficult part of being a flibberty-jibbett and the truth of it hurts my heart.
The flibberty-jibbett in me is ruled by an inner voice of fear and I had learned to accept it as truth. And the painful heart truth of it?

It caused me to Abandoned my Dreams

The business I wanted to start, the risk I wanted to take, the conversation I wanted to have, the book I wanted to write, the God given purpose I wanted to find…

My head fills up with amazing things I want to do yet every time I find an ounce of courage, my inner voice takes over and reminds me of the truth about me. I am Lisa Goins, and I’m the girl who is afraid…

Afraid of failure, afraid I won’t measure up, afraid of being uncomfortable.

“I feel like a dreamer who is in a tug of war with my comfort zone and the dreamer keeps landing face down in the mud”

I am getting so tired and weary of the mud, and I want the dreams instead… but I also want to be comfortable. And the mud has become comfortable. It’s familiar and it somehow feels safe. I am beginning to understand that one of my greatest challenges in life is a place of comfort. I may say I want both, my dreams and my comfort but God understands

There is no such thing as a comfortable dream

Not when the dream is from Him.

I almost resigned myself to my comfortable life until it hit me-
There’s a woman I want to be, she believes that God is the giver of all good things, big dreams included, and that woman is on the other side of comfortable.

I’m ready to abandon the sidelines of my comfort zone and participate in the life God intended for me to live.

Want to join me?

Flibbery Jibbett

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