The Un-Pastors Wife pt.3

Un-Capable. Un-Qualified. Un-Gifted.

Would the REAL woman please step forward? We need to meet her.

There is a rising epidemic among today’s women. It’s this nagging voice that has taken up permanent residence inside their heads and it’s trapped them behind a mound of fear bigger than their laundry piles and growing at the same mad pace. You may be familiar with the voice, the one that says you don’t measure up. You’re Un-Qualified. It constantly reminds you that you will never be good enough. You’re Un-Gifted. It convinces you that other women are so much more talented than you will ever be so why even try. You’re Un-Capable. Take your flaws and just sit back down in your comfort zone where you belong. You’re Trapped.

These women are walking through the doors of our churches from week to week virtually undetected. They appear perfectly put together, bible in hand, families in tow and when you ask them how they are, they force a smile and say “I’m Fine.” But if the doors were monitored with lights and detectors there would be immediate chaos as everything started flashing and sounding Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert!

I know, because I was this Fraud in a color coordinated outfit and cute shoes.

The truth is for too many years I have been trapped in my self- imposed comfort zone.

How do you step out of you’re comfort zone and into the life God intended for you to live? A life full of honest relationships, renewed dreams, and fulfilled potential? You leave your comfort zone and decide to show up for your life. Not the edited version, the one taken in portrait mode with a forced smile and reality blurred in the background. You show up real, honest and imperfect. And with God’s help you can recognize your Un-Limited potential in Christ and to be Un-Stoppable.

I love being the Un-Pastor’s wife! It’s a reminder of my amazing God and how He took my life and transformed it into something beautiful for His purposes alone. I’m happy to be this girl, the one who believes…

Blessed is she who believes that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished! Luke 1:45

What dream have you pushed to the curb because you have convinced yourself that you don’t have what it takes? What makes you come alive and keeps you up at night? I come alive when I’m speaking to women and I see them begin to move beyond their deep regrets & insecurities and make a decision to show up for their new life, the one full of God given potential and unlimited possibilities in Christ Jesus. And coffee, I also come alive with coffee.

Let’s put our most Authentic selves out there, show up together and believe, ok?

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